The Checklist

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Here are some of our checklist items. Click on any
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Dust all
window sills

Wipe down and clean out cabinets

Clean sliding glass doors

Put out fresh towels

Straighten patio furniture & equipment

Refill trash liners, paper towels, hand soap

Shake out rugs & mats

Clean, sanitize, tub, shower, sink, and shower doors

Vacuum carpeted floors

Clean and sanitize toilets

Mop all hardwood floors

Shine mirrors


Wipe down and clean medicine cabinets

Check sofa bed, replace fresh linens, if necessary

Dust baseboards

Clean and sanitize sink

Replenish towels

Unload & Reload dishwasher


Clean inside and outside of appliances

Change linens

Clean all countertops and barstools

Clean ceiling fans

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